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Jul. 30th, 2012




Grace was drunk, stupidly so. Josh hadn't seen her like this for such a long time and it scared him just a little inside to see her lose control in such a manner. She was usually the responsible one, the one that kept it all together and now she was the one that was so badly falling apart.

Already she was lingering too closely within his proximity. He inhaled her smoky perfume as her fingertips traced the line of his jaw sending a flood of warmth through his stomach. Her grey eyes strayed to his pert lips and he knew what she wanted. He wanted the same God damn thing. He wanted to take her away from this hell that she was living and he knew that this was the only way Grace could ever let herself go.

“I want you.” Grace whispered against the corner of his mouth. “I want you to make me feel like myself again.”

That request was too much. It made Josh's heart break somewhere deep inside to hear the pleading in her voice. She sounded so lost and he wanted nothing more than to kiss away that darkness that resided deep inside her soul.

“Oh Gracie.” Josh murmured sadly as his fingers ran through her silky, dark hair. “We can't do this, not when you've been drinking.”

It was the right thing to do. Josh knew that he would be taking advantage of this beautiful woman if he allowed himself to fall prey to his cardinal desires. The temptation however was becoming too great. Grace was practically in his lap, their clothed torso's pressing together to tightly that he swore he could feel the steady beat of her heart pounding against his chest.

“I thought you loved me.” she whimpered as his strong hands began to roam down the contours of her T-shirt on their own accord. “You always said you'd be there if I needed you.”

Josh thought he was beginning to lose his mind. He had forgotten how seductive Grace could be, how she could make all those feelings that he had buried deep down inside of him raise to the surface. Jesus, just hearing her say those words made his fierce, primal instincts begin to kick in. He could never deny her, even though this was so terribly wrong.


All Grown Up

All Grown Up

Grace was laughing, it was the kind of laughter that resounded through a person's body flushing their body entirely with endorphins. Josh hadn't seen her laugh like her in years, not since back when they were kids wrapped up in sleeping bags watching Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. He had no idea what had set them off back then. All he knew was that it had started with a squawk as he tugged Grace's braid and before he knew it the two of them were in hysterics.

Ever since that time Josh found himself grinning whenever he came across that old movie when he watched TV. It was never the same without Grace by his side but the mirth was always there. It had been the first time he'd heard her laugh like that and it was at that moment he had fallen head over heels in love with her.




Tonight, 100 words on working, specifically, working with someone you dislike.

Josh hated Tom Bailey. It was an instant dislike that had manifested within seconds of Josh meeting the other man and had long since developed and continued over the course of the years. It had started over the way that Bailey had looked down on him. The other man had taken one glance at his walking stick and within seconds his upper lip was curling into that snide smile. The look on his chiselled features was one that he had seen many times before. It was dismissive and judgemental.




So I have been completely MIA for the past few weeks. I'm not sure how but considering I am unemployed at the current moment I am. Over the past couple of days my life has sort of gone like this:

Friday – Wedding Reception

This was the first time I have seen a lot of work colleagues since I left the job and I wanted to look great. The wedding was in a classy hotel on the other side of the water overlooking the city at night. At first as you can imagine I was a little apprehensive but everyone was really sweet and nice and it was like nothing had changed at all. To be honest many of them thought I had left at the right time since the company seems to have started to spiral out of control with redundancies over the months since I have left.

Here's a pic of me and a friend ready to attend separate weddings. I am the one with the dark hair.


To top that off the room had a Roulette Wheel and a fab DJ so a great time was had by all. The only problem was that the drinks were riotously expensive. Despite that I ended up with a truly awful hangover the next day.

Saturday – The Hangover

I was completely ruined with the hangover I was suffering. (which is why I don't drink too much) My hair was still cool from the night before though (by some form of miracle.) I was supposed to be attending a cupcake party but I seriously couldn't face the idea of eating anything so we skipped that and went to go buy Birthday presents for my bro. (he's stupidly hard to buy for)

We ended up in the comic shop where I spent ages pouring over books searching for the perfect graphic novels for my bro and of course, because I can never resist I got the latest Batwoman comic for myself. (yay!)

I spent the rest of the day lazing around the house and completing Dragon Age 2 and then settled down with my bros to watch Inception. - I forgot how amazing that film is, time seems t fly when I'm watching it! Also I was called upon to make a load of cupcakes for an up and coming fund-raising event. So I am really excited about that although it's going to be tough!

Sunday – Packing

Since my bro is moving out for the first time, I decided to give him a hand packing. (I have moved hundreds of times so have the hands on experience.) His room is tiny so it is really hard to work in such a small environment. I got filthy and dusty but we managed to get so much done and he gave me some cool things that I had been nosing around. So yay!

The sad thing is that our Great Aunt was rushed to the hospital. It turned out she has cancer and has it had it for some time. She is surprisingly upbeat and resigned to her fate.

I spent the rest of last night working on my submission for a Christmas Anthology being spearheaded by Dreamspinner. The draft is rough as hell but at least it's taking shape.

So that was my weekend, I hope everyone had a fab couple of days.

Jul. 18th, 2012



Seriously I do not know why this happens. Maybe it's because I'm relaxed and my mind just floats along but whenever I am in the bath I always get the best ideas.

I have just decided the premise for my Mills and Boon story and let me tell you I am psyched!

My thought is this for the Intrigue Series: An artist who draws/paints the secrets that people keep locked inside of them. When her studio burns down, her Detective ex bf turns up causing sparks to fly. He left previously because she painted a picture of a sad, terrified little boy with a house burning in the distance behind him and he didn't believe in her ability.

As you can see it's a work in progress.


Mills & Boon

OK, so for years I have been thinking about it but I have never actually done it. I turned twenty five last month and a random question from my father has made me consider what I want to do with the rest of my life.

My dream job of all time would be to write for a living a close second would be to edit other's work and a third would be cupcake baker! (this probably seems random in the face of the other two things.)

So I have been thinking about ways to make this happen. I have heard that the easiest way to get a foothold on the publishing ladder is to write a Mills and Boon. I can not say for certain if this is true or not but it seems like an excellent starting place.

The only problem is that means I have to put my current story on hold or mould it to their guidelines. (They have a very vigorous structure.) I also have to figure out what kind of series I want to write.

So without further procrastination, this will be my new mission.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice on this? I'm kind of running through the wilderness at this point.


Bringing Feminity To Comics

Saw this blog post and had to  post! It shows everything about the changing demographic and what is wrong with the idiot fanboys.


Jul. 16th, 2012




"There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking."

Josh had never had a problem with doubt, not until the accident. He was always resolute in his beliefs and it showed in the decisions that he had made throughout the course of his life. After he had survived the IED he had spent a lot of time contemplating his faith in God, in himself and in other people. He didn't understand why out of the four people in his convoy he had been the only one to survive the explosion.

Jul. 13th, 2012




Josh's muscles were aching with exertion from their physical endeavour. It was the good kind of pain, one that came from demanding exercise and the dizzying heights of physical pleasure. The sheen of sweat coated his naked form as he listened to the sound of their ragged pants echoing through the darkness of his bedroom. There was a sensation of bliss rushing through his body as Grace's beauteous form curled contently into the comfort of his arms, her ivory cheek coming to rest on his shoulder over the white shrapnel scar that marred his skin. Her smoky grey eyes were closed, her dark lashes fluttering as her silky legs entwined with his. He could feel the steady rise and fall of her chest against his own as he cuddled Grace even closer. His poor lover was completely exhausted, the trauma of the past few days was catching up with her and he knew she hadn't been sleeping. Hell, he was the same way out. Josh could feel the exhaustion overwhelming him as he lay in the aftermath of their love making, contentment flushing through his veins.

This was the way it was meant to be, just her and him.

Jul. 11th, 2012


Keep Calm


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