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Grace was drunk, stupidly so. Josh hadn't seen her like this for such a long time and it scared him just a little inside to see her lose control in such a manner. She was usually the responsible one, the one that kept it all together and now she was the one that was so badly falling apart.

Already she was lingering too closely within his proximity. He inhaled her smoky perfume as her fingertips traced the line of his jaw sending a flood of warmth through his stomach. Her grey eyes strayed to his pert lips and he knew what she wanted. He wanted the same God damn thing. He wanted to take her away from this hell that she was living and he knew that this was the only way Grace could ever let herself go.

“I want you.” Grace whispered against the corner of his mouth. “I want you to make me feel like myself again.”

That request was too much. It made Josh's heart break somewhere deep inside to hear the pleading in her voice. She sounded so lost and he wanted nothing more than to kiss away that darkness that resided deep inside her soul.

“Oh Gracie.” Josh murmured sadly as his fingers ran through her silky, dark hair. “We can't do this, not when you've been drinking.”

It was the right thing to do. Josh knew that he would be taking advantage of this beautiful woman if he allowed himself to fall prey to his cardinal desires. The temptation however was becoming too great. Grace was practically in his lap, their clothed torso's pressing together to tightly that he swore he could feel the steady beat of her heart pounding against his chest.

“I thought you loved me.” she whimpered as his strong hands began to roam down the contours of her T-shirt on their own accord. “You always said you'd be there if I needed you.”

Josh thought he was beginning to lose his mind. He had forgotten how seductive Grace could be, how she could make all those feelings that he had buried deep down inside of him raise to the surface. Jesus, just hearing her say those words made his fierce, primal instincts begin to kick in. He could never deny her, even though this was so terribly wrong.