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Josh's muscles were aching with exertion from their physical endeavour. It was the good kind of pain, one that came from demanding exercise and the dizzying heights of physical pleasure. The sheen of sweat coated his naked form as he listened to the sound of their ragged pants echoing through the darkness of his bedroom. There was a sensation of bliss rushing through his body as Grace's beauteous form curled contently into the comfort of his arms, her ivory cheek coming to rest on his shoulder over the white shrapnel scar that marred his skin. Her smoky grey eyes were closed, her dark lashes fluttering as her silky legs entwined with his. He could feel the steady rise and fall of her chest against his own as he cuddled Grace even closer. His poor lover was completely exhausted, the trauma of the past few days was catching up with her and he knew she hadn't been sleeping. Hell, he was the same way out. Josh could feel the exhaustion overwhelming him as he lay in the aftermath of their love making, contentment flushing through his veins.

This was the way it was meant to be, just her and him.