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So I have been completely MIA for the past few weeks. I'm not sure how but considering I am unemployed at the current moment I am. Over the past couple of days my life has sort of gone like this:

Friday – Wedding Reception

This was the first time I have seen a lot of work colleagues since I left the job and I wanted to look great. The wedding was in a classy hotel on the other side of the water overlooking the city at night. At first as you can imagine I was a little apprehensive but everyone was really sweet and nice and it was like nothing had changed at all. To be honest many of them thought I had left at the right time since the company seems to have started to spiral out of control with redundancies over the months since I have left.

Here's a pic of me and a friend ready to attend separate weddings. I am the one with the dark hair.


To top that off the room had a Roulette Wheel and a fab DJ so a great time was had by all. The only problem was that the drinks were riotously expensive. Despite that I ended up with a truly awful hangover the next day.

Saturday – The Hangover

I was completely ruined with the hangover I was suffering. (which is why I don't drink too much) My hair was still cool from the night before though (by some form of miracle.) I was supposed to be attending a cupcake party but I seriously couldn't face the idea of eating anything so we skipped that and went to go buy Birthday presents for my bro. (he's stupidly hard to buy for)

We ended up in the comic shop where I spent ages pouring over books searching for the perfect graphic novels for my bro and of course, because I can never resist I got the latest Batwoman comic for myself. (yay!)

I spent the rest of the day lazing around the house and completing Dragon Age 2 and then settled down with my bros to watch Inception. - I forgot how amazing that film is, time seems t fly when I'm watching it! Also I was called upon to make a load of cupcakes for an up and coming fund-raising event. So I am really excited about that although it's going to be tough!

Sunday – Packing

Since my bro is moving out for the first time, I decided to give him a hand packing. (I have moved hundreds of times so have the hands on experience.) His room is tiny so it is really hard to work in such a small environment. I got filthy and dusty but we managed to get so much done and he gave me some cool things that I had been nosing around. So yay!

The sad thing is that our Great Aunt was rushed to the hospital. It turned out she has cancer and has it had it for some time. She is surprisingly upbeat and resigned to her fate.

I spent the rest of last night working on my submission for a Christmas Anthology being spearheaded by Dreamspinner. The draft is rough as hell but at least it's taking shape.

So that was my weekend, I hope everyone had a fab couple of days.